Emily Puthoff

An architectural, improvisational dance performance/installation conceived by
Emily Puthoff (US)
Live Processing "Poppy" animation and projection: Emily Puthoff (US)

Special thanks to the Contributors:
Dance: James Cunningham (AU) and Tommy deFrantz (US)
Viola: Julia Alsaraff (US)
Sound Mixing: Victor Zappi (IT)
Video documentation: Johannes Birringer (UK)
Six screen movers: Joff Chafer (UK), Sarah Dahnke (US), Catherine Duquette (US), Suzon Fuks (AU), Victoria Gibson (CA), Jennifer Woodin (US)

Performed at EMPAC at RPI, Troy, NY
August 2010 as part of the
Live.Media.Performance Lab
lead by Mark Coniglio and Johannes Birringer
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