Emily Puthoff
Wayfinding Series, A Work in Progress
Do you think progress is possible? If so, what does progress look like? What can be done here, now, in your own life?

What began with a raging case of wanderlust and a deep curiosity to meet and talk with people about the notion of progress has become the Wayfinding Series, A Work in Progress

This is an ongoing work in which Emily Puthoff and Elena Sniezek are traveling the country in a custom-made teardrop trailer to have conversations with people about their ideas of progress. These conversations are posted on the project blog: wayfindingseries.com

While in residence at Sculpture Space, Emily Puthoff designed and built the teardrop trailer that serves as the basecamp for the Wayfinding Series. She modified original 1950's Popular Mechanics plans for the DIY teardrop trailer. The trailer features a large solar-powered TV with which they screen a nomadic, micro-video festival along with their travels.

Follow our progress here: